How to Book

There are five steps to booking with us:

  1. Contact our sales department for any assistance or further information.

  2. You will receive a student/group reference number once the details of the programme have been agreed by ACE and you. A deposit of 20% of the full programme fees will be asked to be provided for the students or groups reservation. In addition, you will be asked to provide the full amount of fees in case the booking is completed within 28 days.

  3. An official letter of acceptance(s) and final invoice will be posted to your address once either the deposit of the full amount of fees is provided. Please do note that all fees need to be paid within 28 days of the start of the programme being booked.

  4. Please make sure that, if your students do require a visa in order to enter the UK you can apply for it in good time from your local British Embassy. Please do inform us once you have received the visa. We also ask that you do forward your arrival and departure details at least three weeks before the beginning of your programme.

  5. You will be contacted in order to be advised about the pick-up process from the airport. This will be done approximately 1 week before your arrival. However, be advised that this is an extra service and will need to be arranged separately.