Host Family Information

ACE Host Family Responsibilities

Our host families would be asked to provide each student with:

  • A warm friendly welcome.
  • A clean, comfortable well lit room, with sufficient heating, ventilation, natural light, storage for clothes and use of a table or desk.
  • A balanced and appropriate diet; half-board weekdays and full board weekend OR breakfast, packed lunch and dinner depending on the students' programme.
  • Bed linen and towels which should be cleaned by the homestay provider on a weekly basis (the student should have the option of extra blankets and duvets).
  • Regular access to the bathroom as per a member of your family.
  • A key or access to your home at any time.
  • Assistance to find his/her way to school on their first day.
  • Dropping off to school and collection at agreed times

ACE Staff Support, Round The Clock (24hrs)

With the help of our ACE staff in every step of the way; suitable students would be matched with families. They would be directed through the transition of the students into their new country. Furthermore, an introduction to other families in the community will be carried out. Our staffs are always available for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a special emergency number.


Funds are given to the families who are hosting an ACE student. The main purpose for this fund is to support the family in the weekly costs of hosting the student.

The Screening Process

Making sure our students are welcomed into a safe and inviting environment is absolutely vital to the success of our programs. Every host family is carefully screened and interviewed in their homes by our experienced accommodation staff and then regularly visited and monitored to ensure high standards.

It is absolutely vital to the success of our programmes that our students are welcomed into a safe and inviting environment. We carefully select every host family, and they are screened and interviewed in their homes by our experienced staff. Families are regularly monitored when they are visited to ensure high standards.


Information For Host Families

It is a big decision to host an international student. However, we are here to help and you can browse our frequently asked questions, and if you are still not fully satisfied you can simply contact us.

What Are My Responsibilities As A Host Family?

Families need to provide half board or breakfast, a bed, packed lunch a dinner depending on the programme of the students. Students must have easy access to local transport to and from the course centre (if applicable), also a caring and a stable environment. Students must have their own bed if they decide to share a room in your home. Host parents must submit references, an application and are paid a home visit by one of our experienced staff. Students need to bring their own money for personal use, entertainment or souvenirs.

My Family Isn't A "Traditional" Family, Is It Still Possible To Host?

Of course! Our host families come in all shapes and sizes and we welcome such diverse families as single parent households, empty-nesters, and families with small children.

We welcome such diverse families because our host families come in all different shapes and sizes. Families with small children, single parents and empty- nesters are all welcomed.

May I Host More Than One Student At A Time?

Some families tend to host more than one student at a time, as it gives the students a companion. You may host up to four students; in this way it gives your family the chance to learn and develop more about other cultures.

May We Select Our Own Student?

You are given the option to select your own students, together we will work to find a student that is a good match for you and your family.

What If We Have Other Plans While Our Student Is Here?

If other plans occur we can work around your schedule and make arrangements with other host families within the community who can temporarily step in. 

What If There Is A Problem With Our Student?

We boast nearly 50 years of experience of managing host families and your local accommodation coordinators are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week if you have any questions or concerns. Our students must comply with all program rules and our staff will ensure they follow these while with your family.

Your local accommodation coordinators are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week if you have concerns or any questions. We have staff members with many years of experience of managing host families. Our students must follow all the programme rules and our staff will make sure that they are followed while accommodating with your family.

In Case Of An Accident Or Illness, Who Do We Contact?

Ace staffs are available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and help is only a phone call away. Additionally your Ace students will always be fully insured and has a pre-booked return flight.

Where Will Our International Student Study?

Our courses include daily English and cultural lessons in the morning and field trips, group discussions and organized activities in the afternoon. In addition Ace students will attend the Ace International Language centre in, or close to your community. All information regarding the programme will be given prior to the student being appointed to your family.