Homestay Programme

For the purpose of experience, ACE students travel abroad from their respective countries and being accommodated with a host family is one of the most important things in this programme. Being accommodated with private home would give the students a warm and safe place to stay. Homestay students improve their understanding in the local culture and will also give them a chance to explore the city. Furthermore, a meaningful relationship between the hosts and the students is created which most of the time last beyond the duration of their language course. The time of the stay varies from as short as one or two weeks to as long as a whole academic year.

Finding The Right Match

The main thing that we want for our students and family is to be fully satisfied by their homestay arrangement. We try our best to find the perfect match for both student and host. Furthermore, we take into consideration any special request such as dietary requirements or non-smoking home.

Arrivals And Transfers

Individuals or groups who are planning to visit the UK and are travelling by air, our centre or accommodation is ideally located in the centre of England. Accesses to all the major airports are within 2hrs reach. Airports such as Birmingham, East Midlands Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, and Stanstead are some of the UK's major airports that are close to the centre. We are also able to book transport such as a coach to take you to your accommodation or drive you around during your stay.

Transfer Liaison Officers are our experienced and friendly staffs that meet all our arrivals. The teachers and students meet up with the TLO twice during the stay. They are also the first point of contact if one should have any question or problems during the stay

Group Leaders Accommodation

If you are a driver or Group leader and would prefer to stay in a local guest house rather than a family home that can be arranged for you.