ACE General information

  • + What do individuals have to take with them to the centre?

    • A padlock (so personal possessions are kept safe)
    • 2 or 3 towels – one for washing and one for swimming (if needed)
    • Water bottles are also needed for sports, different activities and educational excursions
    • Swimming costume (if needed)
    • Suitable sporting clothes such as: sport socks, shorts, cap etc.
    • Students have to bring with them sun cream lotion in case it gets really hot
    • Individuals should be fully informed of how dangerous the sun can be and they have to protect themselves and it is their own duty
    • Individual toiletries i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste
    • Flip flops are needed in order to walk in bathing areas
    • Students should also be prepared for the unusual British weather by bringing with them summer and winter clothes so they are prepared for adverse weather. They will also need to bring an umbrella and a water-resistant coat in case it rains
    • We strongly advice that each student has name labels on his/her clothes in order to make it an easy and effective laundry service. This will also stop students losing their clothes
  • + How much luggage and bags can individuals bring?

    The maximum size that students are allowed to bring is a suitcase weighting 20kg and should not exceed this weight. Furthermore, they can bring one small hand luggage with them. In case there is an extra luggage apart from what is mentioned above an extra cost may be applied, should we need to book a van for the transfer.

  • Money

  • + What is damage deposit and how much is it?

    Every single student that stays in Residential Accommodation needs to provide a deposit of £75 in cash when they arrive at the centre. Students will receive the deposit of £75 back on his/hers departure, any deductions will be applied if needed.

    It is very important to mention that it is every singe student’s responsibility to treat the school and its facilities in the highest level of care. In case there is any damage even if done accidentally a certain amount from the deposit will be deducted from the student’s deposit.

    Agents/parents will be responsible for the remainder in case damage exceeds the full amount of the deposit. Finally, the damage will be split between individuals if it becomes difficult to establish who was responsible for the damage, this will be done in most fairest way.

  • + How much money should students bring for their own expenses?

    It is desirable to limit how much money a student spends. ACE recommends £50-80 per week. This amount should cover small items for souvenirs and also for snacks.

  • + Where can students keep valuables?

    Students can ask the Centre Manager to place anything which is costly in the safe. Receipt must be kept by students if this happens.

    ACE is not liable for any money which is not handed to the Centre Manager or for that one which has no receipt.

    When students arrive at the Centre, the Centre Manager will collect from students all passports and airline tickets who will be responsible for their safety. Group managers will be liable for holding their group passports and airline tickets.

    Costly objects such as mobile phones can be submitted to the Centre Manager who will be responsible for keeping them safe when not used by students. Any item which is handed to the centre Manager and has no receipt, ACE will not be liable for. It is very important that individuals are very careful with their valuable items and money when visiting big cities such as London as thieves do usually target foreign students. For instance never leave expensive items in the front pocket of your bag.

  • + Does ACE change foreign exchange?

    ACE does not change foreign currency, nor is it ACEs’ responsibility.

  • + Are programme fees included in the airport transfers?

    No. Every single airport transfer is priced according to the airport the individual is being collected from. The price of airport transfers depends on airport.

  • + How Budget & Individual Transfer differ?

    At specific times of day, on particular days, at specific airports we can provide cheaper budget fees.

    Please do note that if any students chooses the budget transfers they have to be ready to wait in the airport until the next transfers, or until the flight leaves the departure. The fees which are applied to are for any time of day and when they do arrive they will be directly met by a ACE staff member and transferred to the centre without any delay.

    What happens in case a student books a Budget Transfer but the flights arrive or depart outside the certain times?

    Full amount of Individual Transfer Fees will be applied to the student.

  • + What follows after the student’s arrival to the airport?

    If the transfer package has been booked through ACE then the following procedure is followed:

    ACE representative will meet the groups at arrivals or airport Information Desk then taken to the coach.

    ACE representative will meet every single (individual) student at Arrivals or Airport Information Desk then taken to the transport and subsequently to the centre.

    When students arrive it is important that they look for the ACE sign. Please note that the sign may have his/her name of their group on it.

    In case a student will not be able to see the sign:

    He/she should not disappear from the destination.

    He/she/they should go straight to the airport information desk and ask for the assistance of the person at the desk. It is very pertinent that students wait at the information desk until somebody from ACE come to pick you up.

    You will be able to find an emergency number to call on the ACE arrival process document.

  • + When does ACE request the flight information?

    It is vital that flight information is received by ACE as soon as possible, and no later that 2 weeks prior to the programme begins in order to organise any airport transfers demanded from us. An additional fee of £10 will be added to individuals for any changes if it is within the last two weeks prior to the programme. In case the appropriate travel information has not been received by ACE, we will not be responsible for not meeting individuals at the airport.

  • + What is followed after a delayed flight?

    Additional fees will be applied to student/group on arrival to the original transfer cost in case student/group is delayed for any reason for more than 2 hours, and payment has to be made prior to the departure date. There will not be any refunds for late arrivals, early departures, for not taking part in classes, activities, trips or anything else that is involved in ACE’s programme.

  • + What will students do on their very first day?

    Once students have been allocated their rooms, they will sit a level test which will allow the Director of Studies to place them in the correct classes thereafter, they will have an ‘induction lesson’ in which they will be given more information on ACE and its programmes such as lessons, activities, educational excursions, cultural issues, rules of ACE, health & safety procedure, and any other issues which needs to be cascaded to the students. Students will also be given a tour of the campus or centre.

    Please take a look at the guide to the academic curriculum which is obtainable in the download sector for information of first day placement testing.

  • + Is travel insurance included or obtainable to purchase from ACE?

    Travel insurance is not included in the package price.

    It is very important that every individual has comprehensive travel insurance so the duration of their stay is covered.

    Most agents have accident and health insurance for their own customers. Appropriateness of individual agents/customer insurance cover being unacceptable to UK doctors/hospitals is not a responsibility of ACE.

    Doctors/hospitals agents/customers should make arrangements in order to pay for medical treatments directly in case agents/customers insurance is not accepted, as ACE cannot be responsible for covering these expenses.

  • English Lessons

  • + How do you know you will be placed at the correct level of English?

    On the first day of the students arrival, students will take an exam and students will be allocated to different classes depending on their knowledge & level of English. The Director of Studies will have examined the grammatical level of each student, the speaking comprehension of the students, plus the age and the nationality of students, and will categorize the students in order to make the best mixture of nationalities of similar ages and language capabilities. Some of the students may have a very high level in grammar but at the same time have a low speaking/listening level, in that case they may not be placed in the highest class as they need to progress their listening and speaking abilities.

  • + How many English classes are there?

    The students will need to do 3 hours a day, which makes 15 hours per week. Not more than 15 students are included in the class at each stage.

  • + When will the English classes take place?

    Lessons vary to morning and afternoon. It may be necessary to have lessons in the afternoon due to student numbers. In that event the groups which have attended lessons in the morning will attend lessons in the afternoon the following week.

  • + What will the academic course involve?

    The purpose of ACE programme is:

    To assist individuals increase all abilities mainly in speaking and listening.

    To assist students boost their confidence in order to use and comprehend English language.

    To assist individuals develop their awareness of vocabulary.

    To assist students develop their pronunciation.

    To promote understanding of effective learning strategies to enable students to continue their learning after the course .

    To make sure that every student makes progress in his/her language abilities even outside the classroom and takes an advantage linguistically during his/her stay in UK.

    Different techniques will be used by teachers which involve pair-work, group work, dialogues, task work, problem solving , etc, during which students will get the chance to express and change their opinions with other students in English in the class.

  • Activities and Educational Excursions

    It is very important that students follow every single instruction provided by member of ACE staff. It can be very costly in case student comes late to a meeting point. If we cannot get in touch with the student; we may have to call the police and report the particular student missing, if this was due to the fault of the student then he/she will be forced to pay for the charge for wasting the police time.

  • + Where do the non-compulsory pleasure-trips take place?

    You can view the sample programmes which demonstrate the typical non-compulsory educational excursions from the centre. Please have a look in the download section.

  • + What kind of course will my kid be undertaking?

    There is a broad variety of activities such as daytime sports, cultural visits to museums and any other places of interest, educational excursions to popular cities and a full programme of evening activities such discos, parties that ACE programme offers. Please take a look in the sample programmes accessible in this site.

  • + Why should individuals take participation?

    It is important that students do mix with other students and take part in all parts of the course, and are motivated to do so by the ACE activity managers. It is a unique chance for every individual to progress his/her English abilities and enjoy himself/herself. The more individuals are involved in this specific programme, the more they will benefit and enjoy.

  • + Will there be any changes to the programme?

    On some occasions there is a possibility of having an activity on the programme changed: for instance, in case it rains and an “Outdoor Sport” is included, it would be easier to do another activity. We will ensure that this is as a last resort. ACE has every right to make those changes due to conditions beyond its control or protect the excellence of the curriculum and without any prior notice.

  • + Where will the educational excursions take place?

    There will be only one full day of pleasure trip for students, which is usually a city or large town, and a half day pleasure trip weekly, this will be decided with consultation with the individuals/agents/representatives.

  • + What is the cost of non-compulsory educational excursions and how easily can they be booked by students?

    The cost of non-compulsory educational excursions varies. It is usually between £35 and £55 and depends on the location and entrances. Groups can get quotes in advance or sometimes at the entrance in the centre. There will be additional non-compulsory educational excursions organised by ACE if there are enough students who are interested.

  • + Will any entertainment events take place in the evening?

    Our centre will provide exciting and interesting evening entertainment.

  • + What is precisely involved in social curriculum?

    Various arts & crafts activities, educational excursions and evening amusements are included in social curriculum.

  • Meals

  • + Are there any particular Dietary demands catered for?

    Yes the centre will cater for special dietary needs, but that needs to be done in advance in order for the catering staff to be prepared for the order in advance.

  • + What about the food and diet?

    The food may be not be the usual food which students normally eat, but it is very important that individuals are well informed. It is a great opportunity for every single student to try something completely new from a different culture.

    In case there are some students that are allergic to something, vegetarian or only eat Halal meat, ACE will need to be informed of this earlier. It is important to mention that individuals have to remind the centre manager when they arrive.

  • What Individuals Should and Should Not Do

  • + What are the policies applied to individuals?

    • Individuals should always conform to ACE rules.
    • Individuals should never disappear from the school without taking authorization from the Centre Manager or the person who is in charge.
    • Residential individuals NEED to have a document of permission from a parent in order to leave the area without any supervision by an employee of ACE staff.
    • Individuals with a document of authorization may leave the area only with the express authority of the Centre Manager or the person who is in charge.
    • All activities, educational excursions and of course attendance of lessons is mandatory.
    • Residential individuals have to follow bedtimes and silence must be taken into consideration after lights are switched off.
    • Drinks and food are strictly forbidden in bedrooms. It is important that rooms are kept clean and tidy. Students need to make their beds before leaving for breakfast.
    • Male students MUST not enter Female student rooms and Female students MUST not enter Male students rooms.
    • Fire escapes are only used for emergency reasons and are not to be used at any other moment during your stay. Smoking and alcohol is strictly not allowed. If you fail to follow this process you may be expelled from the course.
    • Individuals should not consume or have any illicit drugs at any time.
    • Individuals must not use the fire alarm or extinguishers, unless in an emergency situation –tampering with secure equipment is criminal offence in the UK, breaching these may result in arrest or prosecution. There will be a penalty applied to those individuals that set of fire alarms or tamper with extinguishers and they will need to pay a fee of approximately: Extinguisher £150 Alarm, £200.
    • Students are not allowed to bring knives, weapons or self-defence sprays.
    • Individuals should not carry items such as Swiss army knives.

    When outside class area or on a planned activity individuals are not allowed to:

    • Bother or cause nuisance to individuals in the class.
    • Bother or cause nuisance to local residents.
    • Disappear from campus area.
    • Use any sports services without first checking with a ACE staff member.
    • Cross the main roads.
    • Walk near classrooms or offices while everyone is working.

    Individuals have to follow all the rules and regulations set by ACE. In the event that they will not follow the rules an official letter will be sent out to them. If they still do not follow the rules after having received that official letter as a result an immediate exclusion and repatriation will be sanctioned at the individual’s own cost.

    ACE has every right to end without any notice the programme of the student in case of misbehaving.

    Individual will not receive a reimbursement in such situations and all transportations and associated charges will be the liability of the student/parent.

    Breaching of English Law and misbehaving in an inappropriate way will result in disciplinary action. In serious circumstances, individuals will be excluded and repatriated at their own cost.

  • Individual Health, Care and Management

  • + Who manages the students?

    Our first priority is the well being, and security of the student. During the day and the night times there is always a member of staff who is responsible for the students’ supervision. Students can contact their family in an emergency at any point as there are telephones in our offices and also in close proximity to all the buildings.

  • + Are the students authorized to leave the centre when they have free time?

    There should be a letter sent out by a parent or guardian as evidence which states that the student is allowed to leave the centre on their own. Individuals cannot leave the centre without permission.

  • + Can individuals make phone calls at home?

    Students can get in touch with their family at home in an emergency as there are telephones available in our centre.

  • + What are the actions for individuals who demand specific medication?

    For those students who take specific medication, ACE has in place a procedure to allow individuals to attend a programme. Full information of the procedure is included in the ACE Medical Policy file.

    ACE have full authority to take any action it deems essential to maintain the health and security of individuals. Such authority shall include the right of ACE to take any action it deems essential to secure medical treatment for an individual the expense of parent/agent.

  • + In case there are any problems or if student is homesick what should the individual do?

    It is very vital to us that each of our students stay happy & satisfied and always have a positive experience for his/her duration in our summer centre. If for any reasons students are not satisfied with the service they should immediately speak to a representative of ACE.

    Every single member of our staff is welcoming and will maximise their abilities to assist you in anything and resolve any problems that may occur.

    Parents should feel comfortable in informing their children to approach ACE staff straight away with any concerns and questions they may have. This is the best way to avoid any problems that may occur as it may be time consuming for parents to get in touch with the member of the staff and later with the head office.

  • + When will students be able to get in touch with their parents?

    Students are being told to contact their family when they arrive to inform them that they have arrived safely at the centre.

  • Homesickness

    Being far away from the family and close friends, the food they are used to even their bedroom is normal for people to feel sad, especially when they have never been away from their home before. Students have to be informed that that is not something they should be uncomfortable about and should take the priority to communicate with colleagues, to the ACE representative instead of disturbing the family. We do our best by managing the welfare and happiness of students at all times during their presence in the centre as we are aware of those inconveniences. We have experience of how to deal with such situations.

  • + Is it suitable for students to come without group leaders?

    We acknowledge the importance for looking after every single student who come without a team leader. ACE will assign at least one representative to be responsible for individuals through out their stay, acting like an “alternative team leader” so students are aware of who to contact when they need to for any reason. We even have a member of head office team that is fully committed to make sure that the security, care and happiness of all students remains a vital part of our programme.

  • + What is the scenario in case the student is being bullied?

    In case someone is bullying or abusing a student or a staff member; this kind of inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and accepted at ACE and will be taken very seriously and severely dealt with. ACE have a very clear policy in place, which will be followed by the centre administration.

  • Communication

  • + What is the purpose of having an emergency phone?

    Our centre has an emergency phone number. That phone number should only be used for emergencies only.

    The purpose of the emergency phone is not to be used to enquire where the individual is, or to leave any messages, or to ask if it is possible for student to change the level or to request a member of ACE centre to go and locate the student.

  • + Will parents be allowed to contact their children?

    Every single student will be allowed to inform their family with the telephone number which they will find in every centre for incoming calls. On the other hand, due to the designed programme it will not be possible to receive those incoming calls during classes, however, messages can be left for students.

    Family or anyone getting in contact with the students need to follow the precise instruction for phoning.

    Full information for telephone numbers can be found or will be given when the centre opens.

  • + Why shouldn’t parents call their children too often?

    When the students arrive at the centre, it takes a period for them to settle in to the new environment, and it takes a little time to get used to the fact that they are not at home. It can be more disruptive rather than supportive for parents to call too often. As most of the children’s time will be spent outside the room, calling can be an annoying experience especially for those who are younger.

    Only emergency calls should be made throughout students stay in the campus.

    An important element of taking part in a summer school is that it is a great chance for kids to boost their confidence not only in English but generally in life. This is a brilliant challenge for them and they can learn how to become independent, how to survive and cope with any problems which may come without their parents assistance.

    Members of ACE team are always there and happy to offer their assistance when needed to every single student in the centre.

  • + How should family react when a child calls home and is very upset?

    In case students call home for any reason expressing their dissatisfaction, their family should be very supportive and encourage them to speak to a ACE representative, we will try to resolve any issues and inconveniencies which have occurred and after resolving the issue we will contact the family.

    It is true that sometimes very minor problems are interpreted in a wrong way and made to look big by a young child speaking to the parent which makes the parent worry, thereafter there are mixed messages flying around which are unnecessary.

    Our aims at ACE is to ensure that the student stays happy and satisfied throughout his/her stay with unique memories and fantastic experience. For those reasons, any problems will be dealt with on their merit and will be communicated with parents or agents as soon as practical.

  • + Are parents allowed to visit their students?

    We are more than happy to welcome the student’s parents or relatives at our centre. Please do not hesitate to contact the centre office in advance to make sure that the student will be available. It is important that the Centre Manager or someone who is in charge needs to be informed before parents do take their child from the centre. The Centre Manager will ask for photographic proof before any permission is given. Individuals will not be allowed to leave the centre with family members or friends, other than father or mother, without written authorization which is provided by student’s parents.

  • Feedback

  • + What is the significance of the feedback?

    Feedback at ACE plays a significant role to us. All feedback is welcomed, even if it is negative. The reason we use the feedback is so we know what kind of changes need to be made and how we can develop our programme for the future.

    Students will be asked for feedback on all aspects of the programme, in the first week of the programme we will ask students to complete a ‘first week feedback’ form. By doing this we can discover if there are any problems, i.e. someone feels homesick and what can be done to take care of them.

    Individuals & group leaders will also be provided with a full feedback form to be completed at the end of their stay. Individuals & group leaders are advised to fill this in and being as honest as possible so our service can be developed for the future.

  • Complaints process

  • + What is the procedure if a student has a complaint?

    Please find listed below the complaints processes if an individual has a problem with:

    Student must always approach the staff who is responsible for the problem i.e. activity then approach the activity leader or if it is a teaching issue then approach the teacher.

    If the student is not very happy with the outcome or decision of the result, or believes that that the decision is not fair then the student will need to get in touch with the manager.

    The student will be informed of the manager’s decision.

    If the student is still not satisfied with the answer, then an email should be sent to the Head Office of Summer centre.

    The student will be informed by the Head Office of the decision.

    Finally, if the individual still remains unsatisfied with the decision then s/he needs to get in touch with English UK.