About Ace Summer Camps

Ace Summer Camps is one of the newest and best providers of Junior programmes in the UK. We are fully committed to teaching high level English Language courses and cultural programmes.

All our staff are committed to delivering the best possible courses in accordance to the high academic principles and targets we uphold and aim towards at all times.

Although our aim is to deliver a course with high academic merit our paramount responsibility as an institution is to ensure the wellbeing and enjoyment of our students. All of our staff whether academic or pastoral, work tirelessly to make sure that the safety and contentment of students are maintained at all times across all our programmes. Team members at Ace Camps head office liaise with Centre Directors and University or college employees to guarantee that our services and the accommodation are of a high quality with any problems being dealt with swiftly and conclusively.

We aim to deliver interactive, professional and appealing tuition programmes to all students employing driven Teaching Coordinators and the most highly qualified academic individuals. A variety of exciting programme involve social, cultural and sporting activities which are organized by Activity Coordinators and their group members with trips and events being specially tailored to our academic and social programme.

Our modus operandi is simple, to ensure that all our students enjoy their time on our courses which will in turn lead to students returning or at least recommending us to friends, relatives and educational institutions. Through our outstanding courses and delivery of programmes we hope to gain the trust and loyalty of agents, educational tour operators and partner companies that we have interaction with.

Our senior management are recruited on the basis of experience, we seek to recruit senior managers who have had at least 8 years of active involvement in a summer programme, this is to ensure that we have a high level of experienced staff in order for the programme to be delivered in the best possible way.

The inception of ACE was in the summer 2007 in Barcelona, it has taken three years in the making, we rigorously studied the areas of interest and paid attention to detail in creating ACE, we believe that our programmes will not only enhance the students level of English but will also enhance there social and cultural skills.

We undertake our programmes not only as a profession but as a passion.